Smoke Alarms

Safeseal Home Improvements now offers smoke alrams, heat alarms and monoxide detectors and fitting for all the above. Get in touch to get ahold of yours now. You can get two smoke alarms, one heat alarm plus a carbon monoxide detector, all for £250 including installation. 

From the 1st of February every home in Scotland requires smoke alarms which may affect your home insurance if you don’t have any.

According to The National Scot “All homes in Scotland must have interlinked fire alarms that send signals to each other as part of a bid to improve safety and save lives.

The systems should give people more time to escape and call emergency services.

If a fire breaks out in one room, all alarms in the property will sound thanks to their wireless connection.

New-build and private-rented homes have had to comply with the rule for a decade and it will extend to owner-occupied homes and those in the social rented sector from Tuesday February 1.”

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